2021 Bad Axe COVID-19 Safety Plan

2021 Bad Axe COVID-19 Safety Plan

We encourage everyone to bring their own personal protective equipment (PPE). This includes masks, hand sanitizer, and anything else you may deem necessary for your own protection and the protection of others. Bad Axe has ordered cooling neck gaiters that can be used as a face mask as well as for fishing, mowing, etc. in the future with UPF 40+ sun protection. The cost of the Bad Axe neck gaiter will be $15, and they will be sold at the registration table.

  1. Indoor rules: Bad Axe will have limited disposable face masks for people to use if they do not bring their own, or if they are unable to purchase a Bad Axe neck gaiter. We strongly encourage you to bring your own PPE. The state of Minnesota is requiring face masks indoors except for when eating or sleeping. We plan on adhering to the current laws in Minnesota.
  2. Outdoor rules: The state of Minnesota does not require face masks outdoors. We ask that Bad Axe attendees use their own discretion and keep the appropriate social distance from those around them for the health and safety of all attendees.
  3. Hand sanitizer to be provided in the mess hall before getting food and coffee.
  4. Face masks and gloves will be mandatory for anyone preparing food, serving food, or volunteering in the kitchen.
  5. Meals will be served in the mess hall with social distancing in mind (6 feet between people). The current rules allow a maximum of 10 people to be seated in the mess hall at a time. The camp is working on providing carport structures to seat people outside for meals. People are encouraged to eat on the balcony or outside at their discretion to achieve appropriate distancing.

The state of Minnesota is requiring face masks inside (excluding the bunk houses) except for when eating or sleeping. We expect all Bad Axe participants to follow the laws in the state of Minnesota and we strongly encourage all the Bad Axe participants to follow the guidelines listed above. If you have your own mask and/or hand sanitizer, we recommend you bring it with you. We have invested in limited personal protective equipment (PPE) at no additional cost to the men attending the event, so we ask that you be respectful of the guidelines.

If anyone is uncomfortable with the dining or sleeping arrangements, here are some ideas on how to handle this in a more socially distant manner:

  • Bring a tent and do not sleep in the bunk houses (there is plenty of open space for tents).
  • Bring groceries, a cooler, and equipment for preparing your own meals to avoid the mess hall (there is a Wal-Mart and other grocery options in Park Rapids).
  • Bring your own pocket-sized hand sanitizer.

The great news about the Bad Axe Men’s Advance is that nearly the entire event is held outside. People can be respectful of social distancing guidelines and are not required to wear a mask outside. We look forward to a very productive weekend of spiritual growth with all of you!